Our Ways Of Working


In both girls and boys Derakht e Danesh Elementary Schools, all students are exceptional.

At the same time recognizing that each child is an individual with distinctive character. Creation of a happy learning atmosphere where innovative teaching and challenging programs provide not only the essential skills, but also foster a life-long desire for learning is Derakht e Danesh mission which requires cooperation and coordination of parents, teachers, students and the community. Only when such cooperation and cooperation is secured our children will become knowledgeable, aware, responsible and contributing members of society. 21 century learning characteristics carefully will be taken into account. In addition all programs will be tailored based upon specific societal and cultural contexts.


In their pursuit of wisdom, the students of Derakht e Danesh Elementary schools will discover something of value in them and return it to society. Our school will provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing, functional environment conducive to learning and development of self esteem. Faculty and staff will strive to achieve their maximum potential, model lifelong learning and positive values, and display understanding, empathy, and respect for all members of the school community.

Derakht Danesh

The Model Educational Institute, which is the comprehensive structure of the Tree of Knowledge Girls 'Elementary School and now the Tree of Knowledge Boys' Elementary School, with 35 years of educational service, has used the valuable treasure of knowledge-based education and basic students in establishing its primary schools.