“Nemooneh Tehran” educational institute with more than 30 years of experience in educational services, applied and up-cycled it’s accumulated  knowledge in establishing Derakht-e Danesh educational Institution (The tree of knowledge) girls’ school as well as Derakht-e Danesh boys’ school. The founder “Pooria Piran” with hardware and software major and academic studies in America; combined virtual school and e-learning with real world courses. Pooria Piran created schools which are committed to provide a real-life  sample of the motto:

“If your tree bears fruits of knowledge, you will hold the universe in your hands.”

Parents of the future creators of our world are well aware that the 21st century is the age of great achievements. That’s why they have called  our era: “the century of knowledge- based development in all aspects of life”. In view of this realization and in order to accomplish this relevant mission- nowadays -our educational centers  have to pursue encounters that are much tougher. “Derakht-e Danesh” prepares our beloved children by developing the required skills to contend and succeed in such an explicated future world. Combining popular applications of the Ministry of Education with the needs of our century is the first step.  We are proud to welcome our cherished children at all grades to “Derakht-e Danesh”.